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Friends Optics:
vision care with a friendly approach

When choosing a name for our optical centre, we settled on “Friends Optics” because friendship is what has been helping us throughout the years of working together. We began our training at Lomonosov School at a young age and have been professionally dedicated to optics ever since (over 25 years). During these years, we have gathered experience and knowledge in some of the world’s largest companies in the industry, as well as in master courses and optometry training.

As friendship is also a responsibility, we aim to supply to our customers no less than what they expect or than what is possible. The guiding principle in our work is to define the visitor’s visual needs and the particularities of their daily routine in order to offer a personalised solution. With modern technology, it is important that the eye care professional is familiar with all the innovative opportunities in optics to “model” the eyewear so that the user feels it as a reliable assistant, not an annoying intruder.

Eyeglasses making

We produce all kinds of eyeglasses in our workshop. The cutting-edge equipment for digital processing allows even the most complicated assemblies.

Corneal topography

Computer analysis of 100,000 points of the corneal surface in order to recommend the most suitable contact lenses that will fit your eye perfectly. The technology is also used to screen patients with keratoconus (degenerative changes of the cornea).

Eye pressure measurement

Fully automatic, contactless, and comfortable eye pressure measurement. For a reliable and most accurate result, the device also measures the thickness of the cornea, compensating for its influence on the measured pressure.

We’ve chosen to have something for everyone, and at the high end, we offer the lenses of Nikon, one of the most popular Japanese companies. Thanks to its know-how in all areas of optics, this company has pioneered a number of innovative developments in ophthalmic lenses, enabling us to satisfy even the highest demands.

For more budget solutions you will find Czech lenses of high quality here. The manufacturing company has a modern factory and offers fast delivery and flexible customised makings.

When you are looking for out-of-the-standard solutions (extremely high diopters, very high level of astigmatism, eyeglasses for specific diseases, or for a specific activity), the products of our Swedish partner are available. We don’t remember them saying that something is impossible over the past ten years of working together.

Each year we enrich our portfolio of activities in the field of optics. The equipment and products at our disposal are of premium class, their precision combined with the experience of our team of specialists allows us to provide high-quality service to our customers.

Calculating diopter

Objective vision test with a device that analyses the refractive power of the eye over its entire surface (at 1,500 measurement points), using innovative “wave-front” technology.

Subjective vision test using the gold standards in optometry; tests to optimise visual acuity, general visual status analysis.


Prism correction

Often, double vision, headaches, lack of contrast and of stereo vision, and the need of closing one eye to see clearly can be signals of a problem with binocular vision. Many of these problems can be solved with specific prism correction lenses.

“Colour blindness” correction

Better known as “Daltonism”, this condition affects 8% of all men. At Friends Optics, we provide individual consultations to people with this problem and offer specialised eyeglasses to correct colour vision deficiency.

Consultations for patients with impaired vision

Some eye diseases lead to a serious decrease in visual acuity (below 30%) or to a limitation of the visual field (below 20°), as well as to very poor visual contrast. For these patients, we offer individual consultation, after which we recommend specialised Low Vision aids to help them in their daily lives.

Telescopic spectacles for professionals

Magnifying spectacles are the best solution for surgeons, dentists and people whose profession requires continuous precise work at close distances. Here you can find top-quality products custom made to fit the individual needs and requirements of the wearer.


Ortho-K contact lenses

These are contact lenses mostly for people with myopia that are worn only when a person is sleeping. They are also used to control myopia in children for lowering the rate of diopter growth.

Digital reading of visual parameters

Using a digital device, the measurement of the interocular distance is fast and precise, taking into account the position of the two eyes separately in relation to the selected frame. This kind of measurement is a key factor for successful adaptation with multifocal eyeglasses (progressive and office glasses).

“Dry eye syndrome” consultations

A growing number of people are affected by the influence of computers, air-conditioners and contact lenses and suffer from symptoms linked to the “dry eye syndrome” – burning eyes, foreign body sensation, redness and discomfort. Depending on the extent of the affliction, we will recommend the most appropriate and innovative solutions for treating the problem.

The frames and sunglasses at Friends Optics are carefully selected so that we can offer each of our customers the best from the wide range of collections we work with. We strive to achieve the best price-quality balance and make the most accurate choice of eyewear together with the customer.

The professional trust from our clients and their statement that they are "coming to friends" motivates us to work hard to defend the title "Friends".

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